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photo of Sierra Morgan

Sierra Morgan, E.I.

Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Ms. Morgan joined ECCI’s industrial engineering team and is ECCI’s second engineer from Louisiana Tech’s proven program, which produces hands-on, industry-friendly engineers.

Ms. Morgan is working principally on projects to modify production processes to increase production at multiple facilities. She has become proficient with multiple engineering software programs, such as the Autodesk Plant Design Suite, which is designed to help engineers cost-effectively analyze industrial processes, and then develop engineering drawings and specifications for modifications to increase plant production and efficiency, as well as to facilitate the construction phase of projects.

Ms. Morgan has specialized in the areas of handling large volumes of challenging liquid materials, specialty pumps, piping, and vessels which are required to be able to safely move large volumes of heavy and/or highly toxic fluids. She leads field teams to identify how system modifications can fit into existing facility operations, supervises and/or prepares engineering drawings and specifications, and completes field-quality assurance procedures to assure facility modifications fit into existing operations and function as designed.

Louisiana Tech, BS Mechanical Engineering 

Phone: 501.975.8100

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