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ECCI engineers use the latest EPA approved models, and work with company managers to select operational approaches which protect air quality, while allowing cost-effective operations.

ECCI provides early identification of issues so that valuable time is not lost during the permitting process.


ECCI Professionals Specializing in Air Dispersion Modeling

photo of Akemi Bauer

Akemi Bauer, P.E., Sr. Project Manager, Environmental Engineer

Ms. Bauer is a leading expert on completing complex computer air dispersion models, and developing cost-effective, dependable compliance monitoring programs under the Clean Air Act. She has successfully completed hundreds of Clean Air Act permit application processes. Projects have included power plants, pulp and paper mills, manufacturing of fiberglass structures, such as tanks, wind mill blades, vehicle equipment, commercial and residential hot tubs and boats, plus a wide variety of specialty coatings and adhesives users.

Nihon University in Japan, BS Applied Biology
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, MS Environmental Engineering


photo of Taylor Deems

Taylor Deems, E.I., Environmental Engineer

The complexity of the Clean Air Act actually makes every project interesting. Mr. Deems has experience in permit applications, recordkeeping and compliance demonstration, and air dispersion modeling. He attended EPA's 2015 air quality modeling conference to help explain the need for reasonable approaches to evaluate air quality impacts from new facilities. He stays active as a biker and hiker, and can't wait to attack the weekend.

University of Colorado at Boulder, BS Environmental Engineering


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David Carstens, Sr. Project Manager

Mr. Carstens has used his industrial experience to help assist his numerous clients with integration of compliance programs into sound business plans. With over 35 years of experience in assisting industry leaders with environmental challenges, he is considered one of the the most successful environmental consultants in the South Central U.S. His depth of knowledge of regulatory program requirements is unmatched.

University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, BS Water Science/Chemistry


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Jeff Haynes, Sr. Environmental Scientist

Mr. Haynes is ECCI's North Arkansas office. His Bruno, Arkansas (Marion County) location allows him to save costs and respond to needs of industries in north and northwest Arkansas. Mr. Haynes has returned to ECCI on three occasions after being called to active duty. "And we're glad he did" says ECCI President Stan Jorgensen.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, BS Environmental Health Science
United States Air Force Air University, MS Masters of Military Art and Science


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Don Kite, Sr. Project Manager, Chemical Engineer

Don Kite is ECCI's Texarkana office manager. A chemical engineer by training, Mr. Kite's successful industry experience allows him to understand the impacts of regulatory programs and identify cost-effective ways to eliminate regulatory road blocks and barriers.

Louisiana Tech University, BS Chemical Engineering



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